"I Love to travel trough time, These self portraits are not just about my 'self'
They are On Self-portraits.
I'm reliving the spirit of my heroes - those whose works and lives have touched me deeply, and in that process allowing their strengths to unlock mine. Perhaps through this process I can have access to their heroic, artistic archetype.
When Durer portrayed himself as Jesus, he was not making a claim to his own godliness, but rather to his potential as a human being for that enlightenment."

My heroes, myself and time are the subjects of my work Their spirit, mind and soul had a profound impact on my creative process and inspired me to create this series of self portraits I refer to as 'On-Self portraits', narrated with experiences from their lives that I identify with.
The saying ‘every painter paints himself’, was first documented in the early Renaissance, and has been mentioned by artists ever since including myself which lead me to embark on a journey through the fabric of space and time.

With great enthusiasm and determination I studied the lives and works of these masters.
Their teachings and being submerged into my psyche allowing me to encompass all that is them
I imagined us having intimate conversations into the night about life, love, work, fun and mostly about art.
After weeks of ongoing conversations - I imagined that they asked me to take their portrait on myself.
Hence the birth of the “On - Self Portrait”.

While creating these “On-Self” portraits, it was as if my soul was driving the process but I had yet to truly understand it’s true significance.  Only after I completed the process and had time to reflect on my work did I realize the parallels that attracted me to the lives of these great heroes. My identity lied in their truths.   

As an artist I aspire to have my works hung in a great space like the Uffizi Gallery.  Much like Leonardo - who in his day couldn’t get commissioned in Florence.  He now hangs on those very walls.
Dante, who I portray fiercely kissing Beatrice, the love his life, went trough 10 stages of hell, purgatory and heaven to win her back. for many reason which I can’t explainI too, lost the love of my life and still struggling my way back to heaven.

Spiritually, I wanted to bring these artists into the present and pay homage to their souls, to their dreams coming true.  Subconsciously hoping it will mirror mine.

I believe that dreams and stories are an important part of our existence. We question our process, we question how it will be accepted.  Something inside us, a force greater then us compels us to take risks, regardless of the consequences.   We stand naked in our truth and we tell our stories.  It is in that space of truth, that an unbound connection is made, a connection woven through the fabric of time.


I spent weeks planning the transformations. With the help of wigs,  mustaches, birds, silicon implants, make-up, clothing, props - whatever I found necessary in order to create a respectful, worthy portrait.

Packing everything into a suitcase, I set forth on my voyage. Scouting the perfect location of each transformation, I found myself traveling through cities such as Florence, Vinci, Tuscany, New York, Paris, Ibiza,
Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and many more.
I used my camera on a tripod connected with WiFi to my phone, airing live the visual that the lens see.  After I fixed the composition, I focused the parameters and pushed the shutter once for a 10 photo interval with 3 second between each shoot.


...I am proud to present to you this Dialog
with a series of "On-Self Portraits".


The dynamic principle of fantasy is play, which belongs also to the child, and as such it appears to be inconsistent with the principle of serious work. But without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth."

Carl Gustav Jung

Fixing the composition for the on-self portrait of Leonardo next to the entrance to the Uffizi gallery, Florence.


Moses Pini Siluk (born 9 December 1982) is an Israeli photographer. Currently living in between New York City and Tel Aviv.


2008       B.A.       Communication / Mass Media

The College ofCommunication

Solo Exhibitions

2008                     The SiN

The Roof Club / Tel Aviv, Israel

2008                     The SiN

Aharonson Gallery / Ramat HaSharon. Israel

2008                     The SiN

Artura Studio / Tel Aviv, Israel

2009                     Come Play with Me

ZOA Gallery of Zionist Organization of America / Tel Aviv, Israel

2010                     Tel Aviv Calling

MBF Kunstprojekte gallery / Munich, Germany

2010                     Tel Aviv Calling

Die Bank Gallery / Munich, Germany

2011                     Tel Aviv Calling

Mitcham Hatachna Neve Tzedek / Tel Aviv, Israel

2011                     The Retouched

Dizingof Center Gallery for contemporary art / Tel Aviv, Israel

2012                     Recent Works

Blagoevgrad Bulgaria city hall / Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

2012                     TAKE IT OFF

Montefiore Auction House / Tel Aviv, Israel

2014                     COVER

Timora Space Of Art / Tel Aviv, Israel

2015                      VISIONS AND DREAMS

ARIA GALLERY TLV / Tel Aviv, Israel

2015                     ON-SELF PORTRAITS


2016                     RINASCITA


2017                     RINASCITA



Group Exhibitions

2008                     The Secret Art

Bank Leumi collection – Mani House / Tel Aviv, Israel

2008                     Bodies

Macondo Gallery / London, UK

2009                     Artists, Creators and Designers

The Neri Bloomfield WIZO Academy of Design and Education / Haifa, Israel

2010                     Berlin Art Fair

Tempelhof, Germany

2011                     Vanilla Sex

Rugin / Tel Aviv, Israel

2011                     Secrets from in between Rooms

Exclusive lighting furniture / Tel Aviv, Israel

2011                     Trans-Egeria

Reflex Gallery / Paris, France

2011                     The History of Israel Rock

Zaritsky Artists House / Tel Aviv, IL

2012                     Art Plates London

100 Years Gallery / London, UK

2013                     Scope art Fair

Corridor contemporary gallery/ Miami, US

2013                    Leomi Secret Art

Biet Leomi Bank/ Tel Aviv, IL

2014                     Tel Aviv Photo

Namal Tel Aviv BITAN 16 / Tel Aviv, IL

2014                      Iron Dome And Tear

Fusion Arts Museum / New York, US

2015                      Tribute to Leonardo

Leonardo plaza / Jerusalem, IL